APEX - Arduino based PBX

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APEX will be a small home PBX that allows up to 5 phones to communicate with each other, share external phoneline and other features. It is based on Arduino project.

Proposed features basic version:

  • Up to 5 user phones connected
  • 1 Analog phoneline

Proposed features extended version:

  • Up to 5 user phones connected
  • 1 or 2 Analog phonelines
  • Music on hold, SD card based MP3 player
  • DSP coprocessor
    • Codec and recording to SD card
    • network interface


Small 8extensions/1line PBX can be found on ebay for as few as 50USD. It does not make much sense to build it unless there is some signifficant killer feature, such as the SIP codec. Implementing that increases the complexity of the project dramatically.


put on hold for now. If you read this and think that it is a great idea and think that it should happen, you can email me


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