Fitel S175 Splicer Disassembly and CCD cleanup guide

Required tools

  1. Metric Salen key wrench set
  2. Phillips scriedriver #1
  3. Phillips scriedriver #2
  4. Long nose pliers
  5. 2x no-lint cotton swab

Disassemble the splicer

1) Unscrue the securing screws and remove the handle

2) Unscrue 4 screws and remove bottom half of the splicer housing

3) Unscrue 4 screws holding the top lid

4) Unscrue 3 screws holding the top half of the splicer housing

5) Loosen 2 screws on the front holding the top half of the splicer housing

6) Lift the top half of the splicer housing and unplug the heater owen connector on the back

7) Open the top half of the splicer housing (be carefull not to pull on the wires to LCD panel) unsecure and unplug the LCD panel

8) Unscrue the scrue holding push buttons cable bundle.

9) Unscrue 2 screws holding the front reinforcement bar

10) Unplug the push buttons cable bundle and remove the top splicer housing assembly

11) Unscrue 4 scues holding the top platform

12) unlatch the metal strap holding the back cable bundle

13) Unscrue the ground wire, unpug the connectors and remove front reinforcement bar with the wire assembly

14) Unscrue two screws holding the connector PCB, Unplug the front camera connector and the connector CN5

15) Rotate the splice on its side and slide out the top platform assembly

16) Unplug the connectors from the top platform assembly to the side PCB and to the power supply PCB on the back

17) secure the splicer arm in place using wire and place the top platform on the frame upside down.

Clean the CCD cameras

1) Unplug the front camera cable

2) Unscrue the 2 white phillips scrues holding the camera in place. Do not remove the Sallen key scrues, doing so will irrepairably change the camera allignment.

3) Remove the camera assembly

4) Using dry, clean cotton swab clean the CCD chip front side

5) Replace the camera assembly

6) Replace and tighten the 2 phillips scrues

7) Repeat the operation for the back camera

Reassemble the splicer

1) Place the top platform and the bottom frame side to side close together, unplug the front camera flat cable.

2) Plug in the cables to the side PCB, power supply and fan connector

3) Slide the assembly together

4) Turn the assembly into normal position, adjust the position of the top platform to match the mouning holes

5) Plug in the front camera flat cable.

6) Plug in the connector board and secure it in place using two Sallen key screws

7) Secure the top platform using 4 scrues

8) Plug in CN5 connector

9) Secure the wire bundle on the back using the flexible wire.

10) Unsecure the top arm

11) Plug in the power supply filter and secure the ground wire wit the screw.

12) Plug in the push buttons cable bundle and and the LCD flat cables

13) Secure the front reinforcement bar with 2 screws

14) Tighten bundle strap screw

15) Replace the top splicer housing assembly.

16) Plug in the heater connector on the back.

17) Tighten 2 scrues on the front

18) Replace three scrues on the top lid.

19) Slide in the top lid and attach it with 4 screws.

20) Attach the bottom housing using 4 screws

21) Attach the handle using two screws

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