Oracle VM Virtual Box Tricks

How can I start a VM without getting a window?

First, make sure that the Virtual Box binaries are in your path. This is done by default on Linux, but in Windows, you might have to manually add the installation directory's bin folder to your path.

Then, you need to know either your Guest OS name or UUID number. You can find both of these by typing

VBoxManage list vms

into a terminal. From there, simply type

VBoxHeadless -s <Guest-OS-Name>


VBoxHeadless -s <UUID>

This launches the VM without attaching its display to a window. Now all you have to do is set this command as a boot-time service that runs in the background, and you'll be set.

Migration from VMWare to VBox

VBox does support vmdk disk from VMware but Oracle prefers vdi files. Here are instructions for clean recreation of the guest XP machine

  1. Boot from BartPE with Ghost8
  2. Map network drive
  3. Make a ghost Disk to image file of the drive c to network drive
  4. Shutdown guest
  5. Delete the guest in VBox with the same name
  6. Create a new machine, configure as needed, Video RAM 32MB, Enable IO APIC
  7. Start the guest from BartPE image, map network drive
  8. Load the Cdrive from the network image
  9. Reboot the guest, but make sure to start from BartPE again
  10. Start command prompt and rename c:\windows\system32\drivers\agp440.sys to agp440.sys.bak
    1. agp440 problem There are a few Windows device drivers that does not play nice on VirtualBox' hardware. Many physical PC systems (and VMware) have a AGP graphics bus which will cause agp440.sys to be installed. VirtualBox' virtual graphics card is on the PCI bus and the driver will cause a system crash. The most correct approach is to boot the recovery console from the Windows installation CD and disable this service. However, it is also possible to just rename/delete agp440.sys the C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\drivers directory. Here is a knowledge base article containing more information: A similar problem may exist with intelppm.sys, which can also cause a hang of the guest OS.
  11. shutdown the guest, dismount the BaprtPE, and start the guest normally, it should boot into winXP
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