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 ====== Oracle VM Virtual Box Tricks ====== ====== Oracle VM Virtual Box Tricks ======
 +===== How can I start a VM without getting a window? =====
 +First, make sure that the Virtual Box binaries are in your path. This is done by default on Linux, but in Windows, you might have to manually add the installation directory'​s bin folder to your path.
 +Then, you need to know either your Guest OS name or UUID number. You can find both of these by typing
 +  VBoxManage list vms
 +into a terminal. From there, simply type
 +  VBoxHeadless -s <​Guest-OS-Name>​
 +  VBoxHeadless -s <​UUID>​
 +This launches the VM without attaching its display to a window. Now all you have to do is set this command as a boot-time service that runs in the background, and you'll be set.
 ===== Migration from VMWare to VBox ===== ===== Migration from VMWare to VBox =====
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