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 ==== Running Symantec SRD from USB ==== ==== Running Symantec SRD from USB ====
-http://​www.symantec.com/​connect/​articles/​techtip-installing-symantec-recovery-disk-srd-usb-flash-drive+  - [[http://​www.symantec.com/​connect/​articles/​techtip-installing-symantec-recovery-disk-srd-usb-flash-drive]] 
 +  - Alternatively,​ use [[http://​www.majorgeeks.com/​mg/​getmirror/​winusb_maker,​1.html|ZOTAC WinUSB Maker v1.1.exe]] from Majorgeeks  
 +    * this will also work for SanDisk Cruiser USB sticks that are recognized as fixed disk and not removable 
 +    * http://​joshcellsoftwares.com/​products/​zotacwinusbmaker/​
 ===== How to change the Remote Desktop port in Windows XP ===== ===== How to change the Remote Desktop port in Windows XP =====
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