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Current status

  • The controller that was originally planned PIC18F67J60 has integrated Ethernet controller but the chip is very new and there are many issues with it.
  • controller that we will use is dsPIC30F3011 Datasheet

+This microcontroller is one of the parts that can be used for entries to Microchip design contest 2007 Criteria to select the microcontroller:

  1. Number of pins >40 and <44
  2. Built in EEPROM (for cal data and parameters storage)
  3. dsPIC to have DSP core to perform pattern generation
  4. Dual UART for Communication and for DMX interface
  5. Memory size ⇒24K (for TCP/IP stack implementation)
  6. Package TQFP to optimize size and layout
  7. Volume price <5$
+It has enough memory to implement TCP/IP stack
+It may be possible to implement the PoE directly ising PWM built in the chip itself
-We do not have the CCS compiler for dsPIC at tis time. We will have to go 
 through the ordeal of using Microchip MPLAB, ICD2 and C30 compiler. 
  • The Ethernet controller will be ENC28J60


  1. Ivo: Design the Schematic diagram based on the schematic diagram with DSPIC30F3011-30I/PT
  2. determine what to use for POE
  3. Design PCB using PCB design guidelines
  4. Determine what protocol or driver is necessary for the LFI player
  5. Determine what box to use, select a box from

Project definition

The Laser Controller is a device that converts digital data from the PC based laser show player software to analog and digital signals necessary to drive laser projector with ILDA compatible interface.


  1. input 5V supply
  2. USB/serial interface for debugging and possibly for local use
  3. Ethernet interface 1BaseT
  4. DMX interface
  5. DB25 Female connector for the Laser projector,with ILDA standard connection

Block diagram

Software used

Firmware: PIC firmware will be written in CCS PCWH C compiler

Software: PC side will be using ILDA file format player that will decode ILDA file and send it via interface to the Laser Controller.

Schematic diagram

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