Laser and Light Show

What is needed for a good laser show

Great resource about laser shows:

lots of good links:

Laser controller software - player

Probably the best system out there is the Pangolin

Free player: limited features, limited documentation… but it is free

Computer Interface

That will generate ILDA compatible signal

Laser projector

To control the laser position and generate image Here is one from eBay: This is a green 100mW laser from on ebay for $590+ $69 shipping from China. It works quite nice, even without the ILDA controller it is possible to perform nice show with the DMX control only.

 This is the laser projector from ebay


The bigger the better, and way more expensive..

Laser vendors:

The laser regulations

-Class IIIb requirements

Mechanical Parts

comprehensive list of bay area supplies:

ALAN STEEL Highway 101 & Whipple Redwood City, CA (650) 369-2526

“101 & Whipple (east) Redwood City, CA369-2526 Aluminum sheet, Aluminum tubing, Aluminum extrusions, Brass, Stainless steel, Stainless theaded rod, threaded fasteners, some plexiglass, steel sheet, steel tube, steel angle iron, steel shapes, junk, used cutters, used big gears, used big electric motors Large yard, expensive, will cut to size for a fee. You can wander around and see what is available. On items they have but don't understand, you can get a great deal. Otherwise they are expensive and price things according to daily whim.”

Other laser show builders

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